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Six Ways to Build a Qualified SEO Blog

Below I give tips for preparing your blog to be in the future of SEO quality blog better quality. These preparations build quality SEO blog.

1. Keyword
Keywords in a blog to determine all the quality SEO blog. In other words, the keywords that are sought after and available adequately in a blog will greatly affect the quality of seo blog.
a. Keywords in domain
Domain is the name of the blog or the address of the blog concerned. In this step we can build a quality SEO the initial keyword in your domain name. You can choose your keywords first before buying a domain name. This is so that search engines emphasize our blog by simply selecting keywords in your domain name.
b. The key word in the name of the blog
Blog name is the identity of a blog, the better and memorable visitor SEOnya the better quality.
c. Keywords in the article
Best article stronger SEO qualities which keywords appear frequently in the article would be better if the same keywords in your domain and blog name. As this blog in emphasizing the keyword "SEO".
d. Keywords embedded
That is the key word choice can be planted at various places (in your blog or blogger template) as meta tags, title widgets, labels, footers, and other features of this beloved blogspot.

2. content
Quality content can be viewed from various aspects, especially the full content or content. Quality of content presented to visitors and search engines are spoiled with the intention of satisfying the visit.
a. Unique content

3. meta Tag
4. backlink
5. Social media
6. Product Image

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New Features Google Webmaster Tools To Prevent Duplicate Content

Fitur Baru Google Webmaster Tools
After sharp criticism of Facebook for Google search, Google has now launched the new feature Google Webmaster Tools To Prevent Duplicate Content. After I check in Google Webmaster Tools how come I did not find this tool huh? Well how ya if there is duplication of blog content or not?

It's tricky working with google blog. There are times when the site truly original content was even considered duplicate content duplication of Copas and even perched on the safe list google.

Well here is the info I get from neighbors and explain how the performance of a new feature of Google webmaster tools to prevent duplication of content. Let's discuss!

1. Performance
From the google himself stated "cross-domain URL selection" where a URL will be represented from a number of algorithms. It will be more easily identifiable when there is a URL that is different but has the same algorithm which means it has the same content between the two sites. Thus the content of the site containing duplicate content is a major allergy to Google.

2. Older algorithms
"Sometimes, I did make some mistakes algorithm identification and other technical issues. However, it can be addressed properly and quickly. In addition, if you find a site and you are sure the site is duplicating your content, it can be reported and we will take action in accordance with applicable regulations "

3. Impact
At least in the world of search, duplicate content is an especial concern, especially for Google. The website is considered duplicate content will not hesitate to be removed from the search results. It certainly will make the website traffic and rankings, too mired down.

4. Tips Tricks
Never do not you feel the semenjah domain dot co dot cc removed from google? From the search results we often find the old content. Well this is a testament to a new feature of Google webmaster tools to detect duplicate content.

From now on let's stop Copas for the betterment of our blog. So what if we are content being stolen? Google has stated that parties report blogs or sites that have duplicate content of our blog. The trick search on google there aja kok he hehe. Will there be notification in the dashboard blog thief!

Such is the info I can about New Features Google Webmaster Tools To Prevent Duplicate Content. Final word I hope by sharing these we can find out what the new development from Google about duplicate content. That way we will get accurate results and allows us to search for information.
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Methods Search Engine Displays Blog

Serp Engine

Friends of search engine indexing methods blogger in this article means a way or method of doing the search engines index and display our blog in the search engines Relust Page (SERP). Search engine results page or SERP using a particular method to display a page of course the blogger process data with data searchable via keywords. It definitely consider some musty and certain criteria set by the search engines. In this so-called search engine algorithms. Here's the basic algorithm by a search engine in the process of displaying the search

1. Search Engine Index
Is a systematic instructions of the data storage so that if there are search engines search queries search engines immediately able to display the data. This process can only run a few seconds as the update data from the search engines. Google to process this index in addition to data storage as well as a copy of the form of blog data in order to quickly calculated by a search query.

2. Parse document
3. Appearance Results

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Google Site Link

Why would Google include menus in its search results and what are the implications for searchers, advertisers, and website owners?

First, these menus produce a better experience for searchers. You can quickly find the most relevant pages from within Google’s search results. This saves you time. This feature also benefits advertisers and Google. If users are spending more time browsing Google’s search results they are probably more likely to see and click on a sponsored result. Higher click-through rates on ads equates to more revenue for Google.

Searchers, advertisers, and Google benefit, but what are the implications for website owners? On the one hand, if searchers are more likely to find what they are looking for then website owners benefit. This assumes website owners want to serve relevant and useful information. On the other hand, if searchers are spending more time on the Google search results page, and can more easily find what they are looking for, they might bypass certain pages that website owners intended to serve users.

For example, if you’re operating a subscription-based or online retailing business, then visitors may bypass important steps in a sales funnel. For instance, users might click directly to your “About Us” page and skip your landing page or other important marketing pages. Going forward, website owners need to treat every public page as a possible landing page (e.g., include your value proposition and call-to-action on every page).

If you’re operating an advertising based business, then visitors may see fewer ads on your site because they are spending more time browsing Google’s search results and less time navigating through your website. With this in mind, website owners need to produce content and pages that delight users and compels them to stay on-site (e.g., view a second piece of content). Great content will also persuade users to come back to your site at a later date.

In closing, this new menu feature benefits searchers, advertisers, and Google. It can also benefit website owners if they structure their site properly and produce compelling content. If you’re a website owner, make sure to treat every public page as a potential landing page; and second, make sure to produce great content and pages that keep your visitors engaged.

What are your thoughts on this new feature? I’d love to hear your input below in the comments

[1] I realize that Google’s search results have included basic menus (links to a website’s top pages), but this is the first time I’ve seen clickable menus.

[2] I’d love to see data on how time-on-site affects click-through rates for sponsored results, especially in the context of search.

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