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Six Ways to Build a Qualified SEO Blog

Below I give tips for preparing your blog to be in the future of SEO quality blog better quality. These preparations build quality SEO blog.

1. Keyword
Keywords in a blog to determine all the quality SEO blog. In other words, the keywords that are sought after and available adequately in a blog will greatly affect the quality of seo blog.
a. Keywords in domain
Domain is the name of the blog or the address of the blog concerned. In this step we can build a quality SEO the initial keyword in your domain name. You can choose your keywords first before buying a domain name. This is so that search engines emphasize our blog by simply selecting keywords in your domain name.
b. The key word in the name of the blog
Blog name is the identity of a blog, the better and memorable visitor SEOnya the better quality.
c. Keywords in the article
Best article stronger SEO qualities which keywords appear frequently in the article would be better if the same keywords in your domain and blog name. As this blog in emphasizing the keyword "SEO".
d. Keywords embedded
That is the key word choice can be planted at various places (in your blog or blogger template) as meta tags, title widgets, labels, footers, and other features of this beloved blogspot.

2. content
Quality content can be viewed from various aspects, especially the full content or content. Quality of content presented to visitors and search engines are spoiled with the intention of satisfying the visit.
a. Unique content

3. meta Tag
4. backlink
5. Social media
6. Product Image

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