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Methods Search Engine Displays Blog

Serp Engine

Friends of search engine indexing methods blogger in this article means a way or method of doing the search engines index and display our blog in the search engines Relust Page (SERP). Search engine results page or SERP using a particular method to display a page of course the blogger process data with data searchable via keywords. It definitely consider some musty and certain criteria set by the search engines. In this so-called search engine algorithms. Here's the basic algorithm by a search engine in the process of displaying the search

1. Search Engine Index
Is a systematic instructions of the data storage so that if there are search engines search queries search engines immediately able to display the data. This process can only run a few seconds as the update data from the search engines. Google to process this index in addition to data storage as well as a copy of the form of blog data in order to quickly calculated by a search query.

2. Parse document
3. Appearance Results

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