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How to Install Widget Tool View Quality SEO Blog

Knowing the quality of user friendly blogger or website aims to make users more easily visit the content of our blog. With so page views on the blog will rise sharply. For example, we create a navigation menu on the right or bottom (footer) of course this is not to confuse the reader? Million tricks this post because I'm signed up to Google Adsense. Pray may I welcome ya! : D

To find our website visitor friendly tool that we use to determine the extent of ease of navigation and others. One trick to increase visitor or page view that is easy to navigate blog is not it? Well to know the level of our blog visitor friendly alias is easy to navigate using the tool below:

SortSite - web site testing tool
Check a Site

Check for accessibility, broken links, browser compatibility and search engine optimization.

The purpose of the quality of the user friendly are those of us who use Google Adsense. Where one of the google own policy requires that the site is easy to navigate or easily traced. Many have masters or post how traits user friendly website. One is the ease of navigating the content of the blog. While that's all I can serve to friends who want to know the quality or level of hospitality to visitors blog. And for friends who want to know the quality of each article seo can be read in knowing the quality seo per post. And if a friend has a collection of user friendly website to check if only please share in the comments box. Thanks n Regards blogger Indonesia.
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